Beautiful Places to Visit in Krk Island

Beautiful Places to Visit in Krk Island

Krk Island is located in the Bay of Kvarner Within the city you will notice the Roman architecture; The Frankopan Castle, the Tower Square and the Plaza del markets. The City of S. XV is adorned with a Renaissance fountain.

Another place is the spectacular Biserujka Cave, near Dobrinj famous for the medicinal mud. You also will find a pier for small vessels and a shipyard in Klimno.

Also in Krk there are two lakes that are Jezero and Ponikva that we recommend you visit. Some of these rivers have predominantly forested landscapes and extensions with olive trees and vineyards, certainly a nostalgic stage.

Another place to visit is Njivice. The bridge that connects Krk to land in the Bay of Beli Kamik is a charming fishing village where you can spend a quiet evening stroll by the harbor and cobbled streets.

One of the most important cities of Krk is Malinska. The famous bridge of Krk, is a very touristy place with a spectacular bay, offers all the services to travelers. The monuments to be visited are the Chapel of St. Nicholas with his gallery and the church of St. Apollinaris. Around Malinska can visit the Franciscan Monastery and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene which dates from 1500. The monastery houses the museum that preserves the old library and the ethnographic collection.

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Beautiful Places to Visit in Krk Island

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